Where to Stay Savannah, a Free Guide For a Backpacker

As a backpacker, you must want to go taking a walk around the world, right? Then, why don’t you think about going to Savannah? It is located in Georgia, United States. It is one of the oldest cities which have several historic buildings, cobbled streets, and friendly neighbors. Anyway, if you are there, then, you must imagine where to stay Savannah for days. Well, this must be a very helpful topic to talk about. That is because you will know some locations to visit before you are back to your country. Where to stay Savannah Georgia might be an interesting thing to discuss, right? Well, you are lucky because today, we are going to talk about it for further info below!

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Where to Stay Savannah Location

Never have you visited Savannah before, you must read a guide about safety area to stay in Savannah GA for the very first time. Well, you could buy for a guide book; ask for a tour guide’s help, etc. You could also just read this article on our web page. Then, what kind of city and hotel to stay when you visit Savannah city? Let’s check it out in these following details!

  1. East Bay Street. For you who love scary things, East Bay Street becomes the right place to start with. This place is located close enough between the city’s Historic District and the city’s Riverfront neighborhood. It is known for its famous historical places or haunted places. Even so, you might have easy access to explore this place. Besides, you might find several wellnesses and spa centers there in case you want to exercise yourself when you are free or bored. In the East Bay Street, you do not need to question where to stay in Savannah anymore. That is because could find some great hotels to stay.

Best hotel recommendations:

  • Kimpton Brice Hotel. This hotel might be the closest hotel from Savannah Hilton Head International Airport near the city’s Historic District. This hotel has offered you with Italian restaurants, an outdoor pool completed with lounge chairs for relaxing or sun-bathing, fitness center, and also a library. What you might like about this hotel is that you are allowed to bring your pet.
  • The Suites at Bay. This hotel might suit some travelers due to its standard staying price. You could get free parking plus Wi-Fi connection there. Also, you might find yourself supported by a cable TV, tea/coffee maker, comfy bed, washing machine, and a personal bathroom. You might love staying in this hotel because it is near several highlights such as Warren Square, Davenport House Museum, Washington Square, etc.
  1. Historic District. If your position is in this heart of Savannah city, you could explore fascinating architecture, Savannah’s robust history, diverse culture, and many more. There, you might also find some historic buildings, old huge mansions, and a shopping center along with its dining and entertainment venues. Well, if you want to know best places to stay Savannah there, you need to visit some best hotels exist.

Best hotel recommendations:

  • Courtyard Savannah Downtown. This hotel might feature exclusive services and equipment. You might find a fitness center, on-site restaurant, and a wonderful outdoor pool. For a businessman, you might ask for a meeting room, too. For a guest room, you will be facilitated with LCD TVs with many different channels, soundproofing, a coffee/tea maker, and a personal bathroom.
  • B Historic. For you who just want to stay for one to two nights, B Historic hotel might be the right choice for you. It offers you great facilities such as a modern, enormous meeting room, a fitness center, an indoor pool, an on-site restaurant, etc.
  1. River Street. For you who want to do traveling just looking for entertainment, you must go to River Street. This place offers you over 70 best restaurants to visit, shopping centers, waterfront activities, etc. This location is also near other highlights such as Emmet Park, Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum, Warren Square, etc. Then, where is best place to stay in Savannah if you are at this location? Well, there are some catchy hotels to stay in.

Best hotel recommendations:

  • The Bohemian Hotel. This hotel might be for a high-class people since it requires exclusive, luxurious services and features. It is no wonder that it prices very expensive. Even so, it has a great riverside restaurant, offers a fully-equipped fitness center, world-class services, and amenities, a rooftop bar, quick Wi-Fi access, etc.
  • Savannah Marriott Riverfront. This hotel might be modern and classy at the same time. it offers you features such as a spa, wellness center, American bar delicacies and cocktails, a fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool, and many others. Savannah Marriot is a good option for a daily staying, too.
  1. City Market. Before you are home, it is best to visit the City Market. This place is the best location for entertainment. You might be able to find a shopping center, dining needs, galleries, and art studios, and even live music events. If you want to visit this place, you might wonder where to stay Savannah here. Well, there are some best hotels exist though.

Best hotel recommendations:

  • Andazz Savanah. This hotel is popular due to its stylish room décor. It also provides guests with its best features. It includes well-decorated guestrooms, a sun terrace, an indoor pool in which you need to reserve first, a delightful restaurant with tasty foods and cocktail, etc.
  • Quality Inn Savannah. This hotel might be the nearest staying location from the City Market; it is just one block from it. Quality Inn hotel might require standard payment with great features such as free Wi-Fi, private bathroom, cable TV, a comfy bed with air conditioner, etc.

Well, there are other locations which you need to visit in Savannah. Do not worry to find where to stay Savannah there since you will see several hotels exist.

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