The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches In Morocco

Just like it’s culture, which influenced by African, Arabian, and Europe, the shoreline in Morocco also has unusual charm. And this country should feel grateful for the Mediterranean and Atlantic for helping in creating the beautiful beaches in Morocco. Mostly, this North African country is in the peak when summer is coming for the seaside experience.  For that reason, if you happened to plan your Morocco journey, then you can check the list below to visit this summer:

1. Saidia Beach

Saidia morocco
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Located in Saidïa, Saidia Beach is near to the Morocco border to Algeria. With its northern location, this town becomes lively every summertime, while the other time only lived by locals. The reason is none other than that more people come to visit the beach in summer. As one of the Mediterranean shoreline, the beach is arguably the loveliest place for a vacation. A wide stretch of soft sandy beach that meets with the sapphire blue water would invite you for a dip.

2. Legzira Beach

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Legzira Beach near Sidi Ifni, the Spanish outpost, is famous with the arch-like rock formation, right at the brink of the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, recently a huge mass of this arched rock collapsed due to the erosion, but some of it stayed still and turned more extraordinary. It’s better for you to climb the cliff and watch the ocean and red rock formation for a full view. And if you decide to put this beach on your planner, then you have to come prepared, because the beach doesn’t have proper tourist accommodation.

3. Sidi Kaouki Beach

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Sidi Kaouki Beach is the less famous paradise for surfers for its wild beach. But if you’re not up for surfing, you could still enjoy the beach during the offseason (not the summer time). The reason is that, outside from summer, you could enjoy camel or horse ride along the shoreline. There are also small sand-dunes if you wish for a change from the others and made it deserve for a spot as one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco. Not to mention, the place mildly established with restaurant and mid-range hotels with a waterfront view.

4. Tamara Beach

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If you don’t wish for a long ride from the capital of Morocco, Rabat, then you could choose to come to Tamara Beach. The positive side, of course, it’s the full establishment around the area. Although, most of the waterfront property owned by the locals as vacation villas. But one thing you have to remember when coming to this beach is the beach categorized as wild. Thus, you have to be in caution if you wish to enter the water and be aware of the swimming condition.

5. La Source Beach

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When you see this beach scenery, for a second you might get confused with your location. The reason is that the beach resemblance of European beach scenery in the film, with the village built at right by the beach. Aside from the famous fishing spot, the beach gets swarmed by the surfers at the summertime comes. Also, the beach is suitable for the beginner surfer. Meanwhile, the intermediate could head to the Devil’s Rock.

The beautiful beaches in Morocco offer different scenery compared to the other country with the shoreline. Moreover, the geographical of this country hold important factors, with its position in the north side of Africa and close enough to the Arabian and Europe. Not to mention, the two oceans with different characteristics which create different ambiences of beaches.

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