The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece

For the best place with beautiful beaches, most people would agree that Greece should be on the first top. Famous for its history webbed with mythology, Greece adorned by fabulous scenery. With the crystal clear water and shoreline, economically, Greece leans heavily on tourism. Although, it’s understandable since many places do have a heavenly sighting. And for a proof, you should look at the list below for the top 5 most beautiful beaches in Greece:

  1. Sarakiniko Beach


Sarakinikos Beach is the first representative when the question for beautiful beaches in Greece thrown out. Located in Milos, Cyclades, the whitewashed volcano rocks spread before the turquoise water created the magnificent ambiance of an eerie feeling. And from the shoreline, the water gradually turned darker and darker with shades of blue. Also, if you’re at this beach at dark, you would feel as if you’re at the moon.

  1. Navagio Beach
navagio beach
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Arguably, Navagio Beach located in Zakynthos is the most famous beach in Greece for Asian. The reason is that it became a location for a successful Asian Drama back in 2016. A shipwreck stranded on the white beach that surrounded by cliffs became its peculiar scenery. For that reason, at a glance, Navagio Beach looked as if it’s a secret beach that isolated from the outside world. Although it has an official name, people also call it as Shipwreck Beach.

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  1. Simos Beach
simos beach greece
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For the adventure feeling, Simos Beach deserved a spot on this most beautiful beaches in Greece list. Located in the tiny island called Ellafonisos, this beach has two sides, where one side has the natural vegetations, while the other side reserved as a camping site. Thus, if you hoped for a complete tourist establishment, you would be disappointed. Not to mention, to come to this beach you have to hire private transportation as no public means to come to this island.

  1. Seychelles Beach
Seychelles Beach
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This pebbles beach located in Ikaria lies in a hidden cove that covered by the rock formation. At en passant, you could get the wrong impression that we’re talking about Italy’s Sicily, but not. Although, the namesake of the beach did came from that Italian region. The reason is that the beach holds the exotic resemblance of the Mediterranean’s island. The wild beauty presented by behind the rock formation made this beach favorite by many.

  1. Valtaki Beach
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Different from the other beautiful beaches in Greece, Valtaki Beach has the least facilities among others’. The beach is perfect for the family with children for a short gateway for its clear but shallow water. A shipwreck just meters away from the shore provided an extraordinary view of this beach. For that reason alone, many visitors from around the globe came and took pictures of the shipwreck from every direction. Located in Mani, Peloponnese, Valtaki Beach often referred to as its neighbor, Selinitsa Beach.

An unpopular opinion, the most beautiful beaches in Greece spread in secluded areas – such as rock formation. The reason is that the condition created a secret ambiance as if coming to the place alone would make you an insider. And also, these beaches would never fail to give you some inspiration or a free feeling you wish you would get from a gateway.

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