New Year’s Eve 2020 in Papeete Tahiti

Papeete, located on the Island of Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean, is the capital of French Polynesia and an overseas country of France. A tourist could enter and leave Papeete through Faa’a International Airport or Papeete Harbor.

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Le Tere Fa’ati

Spend your New Year’s Eve Papeete 2020 by participating Le Tere Fa’ati, a festive tour on a traditional open-air bus. Le Tere Fa’ati first started in the 1950s. Tahitians would board their trucks and around the island while playing their drums and ukuleles. This is their way to bring good wishes to their friends and family in the new year. Nowadays, as part of tourist attractions, everybody can join the bus that would be decorated to suit the new year’s celebration. You can expect a local band inside the bus who will entertain you during the ride.

The bus will stop at tourist attractions such as Tiarei Waterfalls, Mara’a Cave, Vaipahi Garden, Marae Arahurahu and Point Venus. There will be dance performances and delicious traditional lunch by the shore of Hitia’a. For tourists, this is the best opportunity to explore Papeete and socialize with locals and other travelers.

To’Ata Square and Vai’te Square

You can also celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 in Papeete by wandering around and enjoy a breeze of tranquility. As a small city, you can walk everywhere. If you want to avoid walking, do try Le Truck, local public transportation that allows you to Hop-on and hop-off anywhere in the city center.

Most visited place in Papeete is the waterfront esplanade that begins from To’Ata Square to Vai’ete Square. You can have a nice scenic stroll with a view of the volcanic island of Moorea and its lush mountains and watch passing boats. Along the waterfront, many vendors sell local delicacies and fresh juices. To boost the atmosphere, there are many performances to entertain the visitors. You can enjoy a party like New Year’s Eve at Vai’ete Square with live music from nearby pavilion or go to To’ata Square for festivities and social night. After enjoying your dinner, you can move to downtown for some nightlife options like Paradise Night Club Tahiti.

Le Coco’s

The best destination for New Year’s Eve is culinary dining experience at the famous Restaurant Le Coco’s. Sophisticated four-course meals will be served with the background of Moorea sunset or beneath the sparkling stars. Their best menu includes pan-fried Foie gras or shell cream soup with saffron, old smoked and roasted pigeon and fried pan tournedos. You can ask the restaurant to arrange a roundtrip transportation from your hotel for your new year’s eve.

Tahiti Sunset Cruise

If you are more interested in a glamorous New Year’s Eve with less crowd, there’s a Tahiti sunset cruise offered in Papeete. You can admire Moorea’s coastline during the sunset while enjoying tasty cocktails. The vessel is complimented with cozy seats, spacious decks, and helpful crew who will make sure that you are comfortable and have a great time during the journey. You can make this sunset cruise into a romantic gateway to celebrate new year with your loved one, or you can make this an enjoyable vacation with your family.

Some people preferred to visit local attractions to spend their new year’s holiday. Here’s selected list of attraction in Papeete that will make your new year memorable:

  • Bougainville Park
  • Cathedral of Notre Dame of Papeete, one of the popular monuments among tourists, especially during masses.
  • The Territorial Assembly
  • Presidential Palace
  • The Papeete Tahiti Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • The Monument to Pouvanaa an Oopa
  • The Mairie (town hall)
  • Papeete Market.

And here’s the list of Best Hotel for New Year’s Eve in Papeete for your pick:

  • Hotel Sarah Nui
  • Le Meridien Tahiti
  • Hotel Tahiti Nui
  • Tiare Tahiti Hotel


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