Best Venues for New Years Eve 2020 in Miami

Miami is a place that offers big parties all year long. Its geographic position which is along the seaside makes it have innocently exotic and stunning weather. With the elegant and luxurious lifestyle, it always successfully. However, on New Year’s Eve, of course, you will find something different which is rather special than the usual parties. From elegant, formal and fancy events in luxury restaurants with a gorgeous gown on to the breezy dinner and shindig aboard a mega yacht, you can find it all memorable and different in Southeast Florida. You can see Miami’s traditional symbol, the Big Orange which can be seen in Miami. Besides, there are some best destinations which will offer you a perfect bang for New Year’s Eve.

new years eve party in miami
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Bayfront Park, Southeast Florida

Annually, this area will get busy creating a free Mega New Years Eve party. Traditional huge Orange will flavor the party up the side of the Hotel Intercontinental during the countdown to midnight with the fireworks which will be displayed after. Plus, your night will get much more massive and unforgettable by the performance of Pitbull.

Biscayne Bay

If you think that the mega Bayfront Park party is not enough for you, you can freely opt your party aboard the mega yacht SEAFAIR on the Biscayne Bay. Costing $675 (for the party only) and $3,201 (for 4-day-3-complete package) will be worth it. If you choose the complete package, from Dec 30th to Jan 2nd, you will head out on the next day to the one of the Miami’s exotic beaches and super-hot Miami’s nightlife spot.

Fontainebleau Poolside

If Pitbull bangs the Bayfront Park, Justin Bieber will also lead the countdown at the Fontainebleau Poolside, in the heart of Miami Beach. If you are over 21, no need to hesitate to be in here. The large range of cost, from $500 to $50,000 may be a little bit burdensome, but your satisfaction will be paid after.

The Rusty Pelican

If you look for something rather calm but still luxury at the same time, you can go to The Rusty Pelican restaurant. Located on the beach side with impressive sea view and sparkling decoration will create a memorable experience of New Year’s Eve. You don’t need to stay outside to see the fireworks display, just stay calm on your chair, keep your eyes on the skyline above the waterfront, then the fireworks will show themselves to you.

If you do not want to be rushed by the time running, due to the far-away location) while you are enjoying the party, you’d better opt the nearest hotel from your party sites. Plus, don’t forget to find a comfortable hotel to stay. Here are some best hotels for your New Years Eve in Miami.

Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Miami

If you plan to have luxury dine in Rusty Pelican, this 4-star hotel is the nearest hotel from the restaurant, 3,6 miles away. It may sound so far due to its distance, since you have to cross the beach trough the  Rickenbacker Causeway, however, there is no closer hotel than this.

Hotel Beaux Arts Miami

Still talking about Rusty Pelican, if you want something more luxurious to stay, then you can choose this 5-star hotel.  Unfortunately, this is not the closest hotel from the restaurant (4,9 miles), but if you want to stay in a 5-star hotel, this it the nearest you can reach.

Intercontinental Miami

Either seeing the huge Orange counting down at the Bayfront Park party or celebrate New Years Eve 2020 abroad the SEAFAIR cruise at the Biscayne Bay, staying at Intercontinental Miami is an unregretful idea. Because first, the huge Orange will be on the upside of Intercontinental Miami building itself. Second, the SEAFAIR cruise will choose the spot in front of the Bayfront Park which means it will be close to the hotel.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

There’s no other closer spot for you to stay if you’re going to see Bieber messed your night up (positively) at the Fontainebleau Poolside party.

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