New Year’s Eve 2019 in Maputo

Maputo has one of the most-wanted festivals in Mozambique during New Year’s Eve, served with dazzling lights, well-decorated buildings, street dancings and parties, and remarkable fireworks during midnight. It is just a great place to have fun with everyone, mingling in and going crazy during once in a year moment.

Knowing Maputo Better

Maputo is Mozambique’s capital city. The city has the largest port in the Indian Ocean named Maputo Harbour that now becomes the source of Mozambique’s economic growth. The city has become one of Africa’s primary tourist destinations and main income for local people. The accommodation in the city is very diverse and accessible ranging from simple and cheap guest houses and beach lodges to international hotels.

The city’s hospitality is also known for being stylish and flamboyant—exotic foods and vibrant nightlife are dominating the city! Restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs are swarming the city’s streets while the city’s beach offers various water sports for tourists and water-sport enthusiasts. All the good words are best to describe Maputo!

4 Best Celebration and Party Locations in Maputo

Maputo has a lot to offer in regards to place for celebration and party. Here we list some hotels that serve one of the best celebration and party while enjoying the new year’s eve 2019 in Maputo.

  • Radisson Blu Hotel Maputo

141 Avenue Marginal, Maputo 1100

  • Polana Serena Hotel

1380 Avenue Julius Nyerere, Maputo 00100

  • Hotel Avenida

Avenue Julius Nyerere, Maputo

  • Afrin Prestige

56 R. Ngungunhane, Maputo


Best Tourist Attractions in Maputo


Here are the top tourist attractions in Maputo you should visit during New Year’s eve with your loved ones.


  • Inhaca Island
  • Maputo Central Train Station
  • Maputo Central Market
  • Natural History Museum
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
  • Reserva Especial de Maputo (Maputo Elephant Reserve
  • The Iron House (Casa do Ferro)
  • Museu das Pescas (Fisheries Museum)
  • Mesquite da Baixa
  • National Money Museum
  • Louis Tregardt Memorial Garden


Top Recommended Hotels to Stay during Your Visit in Maputo

Here are some of best hotels for new years eve in Maputo.


  • Colina Verde

Located in Machangulo Peninsula of southern Mozambique, this place is the true definition of superb. This is where you can experience a pleasant destination, and everything is beautiful. This new Colina Verde house offers a classy holiday venue with panoramic views of the peninsula around the house. If you like to wander around and explore, there are 10.000 hectares and 20 km pristine coastline swamps full of mangrove, dune forests, and inland freshwater lakes. Beaches are definitely on point! You can enjoy the azure oceans for diving in style and natural vegetations, deep sea fishing, long beach walks, and snorkeling. As for the foods, they are just so yummy that you may need to do extra exercise!

  • Machangulo Beach Lodge

Located in the Santa Maria Peninsula in southern Mozambique, this place channels the very element of Mozambique mainland and Inhaca Island. This place consists of various remarkable tourism ranging from dune forests and vital estuaries to untouched and isolated beaches swarmed by rare sea creatures. It’s the one ideal place for the family holiday with vast dining area and bar and warm bonfire to add the “picnic” feeling to your trip—just a great environment to spend your new year’s eve!

There are various activities you can try here, including rock and surf fishing, spear fishing, turtle nesting activities, seasonal whale watching, Inhaca Marine Reserve snorkeling, beach walking, guided offshore and channel fishing, and shopping precious local products. You can expect bombing views from this place as you witness the beautiful starry evenings and beautiful beach view.

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