New Year Eve in Savannah 2020: Do not Skip Top 3 Place to Celebrate

It is not too short to think about the celebration of 2020. Well, it just a few more months so that you must move fast. If you still do not have any plan, let’s celebrate your New Year eve in Savannah 2020. Savannah is the second biggest city in the United States exactly it is in Georgia. You can find it on the east side of this state easily and do many things there. For Savannah New Year Eve 2020, this city offers something different from other places. It is more than a firework party!

Significant Tips for New Year Eve in Savannah 2020 Event

Plan to visit a new place or out of town means you must have the proper preparation. It is such as how to visit, accommodation, and also other important things to know. Before enjoying the New Year eve in Savannah 2020 event, you must understand the condition of the city relatively. Therefore, let’s listen to some tips below:

  • Many ways to reach Savannah

The first thing which you must think is about how to reach Savannah. It turns out this place is easy to visit where you can do it in several ways. If your living is the neighbor of Georgia, you can drive your car from I-95 or I-16. Alongside that, you can take an Amtrak Train.

On the other hands, Savannah offers Hilton Head International Airport to visit this city by plane. Anyway, it is the most beautiful airport in the world and formerly it is a house of Gulfstream private jet. For your information, Gulfstream was the inventor of G6. However, you might stopover in the larger airport nearby such as Charlotte before arriving Savannah.

  • Accommodation

The next consideration to celebrate New Year Eve in Savannah 2020 event is about the accommodation. Due to the city is full of historical sites chooses the accommodation that presents the same atmosphere. You can stay in a quaint BnB like Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn. This hotel has been establishing since 1853 presenting cakes, tea, cookies, and milk. Find it in Charlotte Square! If you want other options, precisely, keep staying south of Liberty.

  • Security

Overall, Savannah is safe for everyone who wants to visit here both for New Year eve or others. The city is quite clean and there are very few mosquitos. Even though, it does not matter to bring your bug repellant lotion. So, your time to celebrate New Year Eve in Savannah 2020 runs more than your expectation.

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3 Attractive Spots to Celebrate New Year Eve in Savannah 2020

Turn back to the main topic of what do you can do in Savannah for the New Year Eve celebration. Of course, many things will be your new and unforgettable experience during your lifetime. You both with your family and friend have 3 attractive Spots such as the following:

  1. River Street
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The River Street Savannah is the area presenting an old warehouse row. To close the year 2019, you can do many things here such as:

  • Watching Wonderful fireworks on the city sky

Looking at the firework is an obligation in celebrating this moment. Even, it does not only occur for the New Year Eve in Savannah 2020. Here, there is a special ritual where the people use a six-foot to-go cup to a countdown of Wet Willie. The cup will rise from the Riverfront Plaza. By the way, it is a classic touch of the New Year Eve namely Annual “Up the Cup”.

  • Dining on two Famous Restaurants

Firstly, you can spend the seconds of 2019 in Vic’s on the River restaurant. This place presents a fine-dining southern menu in 19th– century warehouse. Secondly, you can try for the delicious menu in Hyatt Regency Savannah. Here, you may taste the three-course prix fixe menu including the champagne toast and party favors. Both the Vic’s on the River and Hyatt Regency Savannah, reserve your spot in advance!

  • Cruising Along the Savannah River

Cruising along the Savannah River can be your luxury idea to spend the last day in 2019. There are extravagant cruises such as the New Year’s Eve Gala Cruise and the New Year’s Eve Party Cruise. Choose one of them and get entertainment, delectable eats, and more.

  1. Tybee Island
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Spend your New Year Eve in Savannah 2020 destination exactly in Tybee Island. Many attractions are ready to welcome you both before and after the celebration. Start it from:

  • Tybee Island Firework

For your information, the firework celebration in Tybee always becomes the biggest in the southeastern of the US. You can watch it over Tybee Pier or from any Tybee’s eastern beach areas. Tybee Island itself is only 30 minutes by car from the heart of Savannah.

  • Tybee Polar Plunge

After spending all night for firework, continue to brisk dip in the Atlantic Ocean. You can join Tybee Polar Plunge at noon from the Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion. Get the ticket at the price of $25 for adults and $15 for children under 12. Note: Find more information on the price because it is possible to change anytime.

  • Tybee Island Lighthouse

It is still in Tybee Island and goes on Light Station Tour as the state’s oldest and tallest lighthouse. Explore the gorgeous tower stands at 145 feet and dates back to 1736 from 9 am – 5.30 pm. Fill by watching the exhibition of the Euchee tribe, Fort Screven and Tybee’s Golden Era. Then, end with filling lunch from one of their many nearby restaurants.

  • Farmer and Artisan Market

Lastly, stop by to check out the local farmers and artisan market. The location is in the field next to the Tybee Lighthouse from 4-7 p.m. Visit and for a variety of goods such as fresh produce, vegetables, and artwork.

  1. City Market
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The last place to celebrate your New Year Eve in Savannah 2020 destination is in City Market. Here, you can stroll through the market’s shops and galleries from 9 p.m.-1 a.m. Special on December 31, City Market becomes Savannah’s celebration central. You can come here to enjoy the live outdoor music and City Market’s restaurants are open for drinks, appetizers or a full dinner. Make sure to reserve before. Once more, this event is free and open to the public. Afterward, back home with carrying some handmade gifts and art from local artists.

Honestly, this place still offers many attractive things to celebrate. Even though, space and time here do not enough for today. If you know other ideas to celebrate the New Year Eve in Savannah 2020, add in the comment column. Thank you and Happy New Year!

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