How To Plan a 5 Day Romantic Honeymoon Trip To Bali With Your Partner

Are you just got married? Then having a romantic honeymoon with your partner must be on your list. If you are going to spend five days in Bali then you need to use these references. How to plan a 5 day romantic honeymoon trip to Bali as follow.

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  1. Choose When To Visit Bali

The first thing to do is to decide when you visit Bali. You need to pick the best season to get a great experience with your partner. Moreover, now you are trying to make a five-day romantic honeymoon trip in Bali.

The right moment you come to Bali will give you the best honeymoon trip. Five days is a short time. Therefore, you need to manage your time well. The best season to come to Bali is the dry season. It starts from April to September.

There are many people visiting Bali at this time. However, you won’t miss even a bit the best thing about Bali. You can go to the beach and do snorkeling or surfing with your spouse. Moreover, the weather is nicer than the wet season where you will find more humidity.

  1. Think About The Transportation

This is the second step of how to plan a 5 day romantic honeymoon trip to Bali. Transportation has an important role when it comes out on a trip. Therefore, you have to use a good flight like Garuda Indonesia airline.

This airline will give you the best service. Apart from air transportation to Bali, you need to think about your transportation in Bali. Once you get to Bali, you need to rent a car or use a taxi to guide you.

However, renting a car is a way more effective. You won’t get lost if you have a driver in your rental car.

5 Romantic Destinations in Bali

  1. Decide A Place To Visit

Well, after planning about transportation, then decide what places you want to visit. First, you can make an arrangement like where you want to spend the first day. For instance, you plan to go to Kuta. Then make a list where you are going to have dinner.

You can also think about what you are going to do in Kuta. Then, decide how long you will be there. Here is an example. The first day, you go to Kuta beach, enjoy the nightlife in Legian and have dinner there. The second day, you can go to Nusa Dua.

There is a lot of things you can do in Nusa Dua. Apart from sunbathing, you can also do some water sports here. After that, you can choose to go to Ubud, Seminyak or even Canggu. Each place in Bali offers a different thing.

  1. Arrange Things To Do In Bali

This is the best part of how to plan a 5 day romantic honeymoon trip to Bali. Remember that you go to Bali with your spouse. Therefore, you need to arrange well what you’re going to do there.

If you have already prepared what places to visit, then arrange what things to do. This is very crucial because you are trying to do a honeymoon trip. Make a precious time with your spouse with your five-day romantic honeymoon trip.

  1. Make A Hotel Reservation

The next thing is making a hotel reservation. You will spend five days in Bali. Then, it’s your time to know where you are going to stay. You can make one or even more than one hotel reservation.

It depends on what places you are going to visit. If you visit Kuta first, then book a hotel in Kuta. There are a lot of places you can visit in Kuta. However, you can also plan to visit another part of Bali and far away from Kuta.  just do the same.

Those are how to plan a 5 day romantic honeymoon trip to Bali with your partner. All things above are related to one another. You have to make a well-prepared plan for your romantic honeymoon.

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