5 Fun Facts About Balinese Culture, Art, And Traditions

Bali is very famous for its culture, art, and traditions. It’s because Balinese are still holding on to their ancestors. No wonder if Balinese culture, art and traditions become very popular nowadays. Here are five fun facts about culture, art, and traditions in Bali.

Balinese Culture, Art, And Traditions
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  1. Art Performance And Cultural Ceremony  Every Day

Bali island is unique not because of the beautiful natural phenomenon. On the other hand, it’s because of culture, art, and traditions. This is what makes Bali is different from any other areas in Indonesia. Balinese are holding on to their religion and culture from their ancestors.

Therefore, cultural ceremony and art performance are common in Bali. Almost every day the tourist can see the cultural ceremony and art performance. You can find traditional dance performance easily in Bali. They are used to making a show almost every day.

There are a lot of things you can learn after visiting Bali. The cultural ceremony for example like Ngaben, Mekare-Kare, Trunyan funeral and etc. You can see how religion and ancestors have important roles here. Additionally, this is also the reason why many tourists come to Bali.

  1. Balinese Dancing Is Inseparable From Religion

Most of the movement in a dance has a meaning. It is also implied in Balinese dancing. Furthermore, most Balinese are Hindus. Their religion is heading them to make dance as a respect to their faith. This a unique fact about Balinese culture, art and traditions.

According to religious functions, a traditional dance in Bali is divided into 3 categories. They are Wali dances, Bebali dances, and Balih-balihan Dances. Each category has a different meaning and function. For instance, tourist can watch Wali dances in the court of a temple.

Wali is very different from Bebali. People can watch Bebali dance in the middle court of the temple. However, Balih-balihan dances’ category can perform in the outer court or outside of the temple.

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  1. Balinese Painters Are Unique And Creative

Balinese paintings are quite different from any other paintings. It’s because the painters are so creative. Not only do they paint on a canvas, but also on something else. They make a painting on an egg or any kind of stuff.

These creative ideas bring many tourists like their products. Therefore, the art especially Bali paintings are very famous. Coming to Bali without buying or seeing one of the paintings will feel empty.

  1. Bali Has Stunning Traditional Rituals

There is a lot of traditional rituals in Bali that you can still find it till now. Balinese culture, art, and traditions are unique. Take it, for example, the traditional rituals. The way Balinese do burial is different. There is some funeral ceremony which is very outstanding in Bali.

They are Ngaben and Trunyan funeral rituals. You won’t believe what they do to the dead body. However, you have to keep in mind that all of the rituals are according to their religion. Other traditional rituals in Bali are Melasti ceremony, teeth cutting ceremony, and Mesuryak.

Balinese takes care of all the traditional rituals from their ancestors. Therefore, you will also find many offerings along the street in Bali.

  1. Balinese Tend To Speak Bahasa

Balinese has its own language. However, they tend to speak Bahasa whenever they meet a tourist. When it turns into communication, Balinese are more flexible. It’s okay for them to speak Bahasa or even English when they meet foreigners.

They understand that Bali is so famous even for abroad. Thus, they are more flexible in using language. In addition, they do use the Balinese language when they meet other Balinese. It’s very common here in Bali.

Those all of the information about Balinese culture, art and traditions. Those fun facts can be your reference if you plan to visit Bali. Not only coming to see the natural phenomenon, but also the unique culture, art, and traditions. Bali is full of tourist attractions to attract visitors.


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