Discover Your New Year’s Eve 2020 Experience in Tunisia

Everyone just loves to have fun with their loved ones during New Year’s Eve, to cherish every spectacular moment with them, to set the New Year’s resolution, and to celebrate goods or bads that have occurred during the previous year. Therefore, your New Year’s Eve 2020 should be something special! Tunisia will be one of the great destinations to celebrate new year’s eve 2020. There are a lot to offer by Tunisia during New Year’s eve, ranging from natural-view hotels and fancy restaurants with phenomenal live music to mind-blowing events. So if you are a choreophile person, you should definitely come to Tunisia. The city has a lot of places where you can proudly show off your talent!

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Insight of Tunisia

Tunisia’s capital city is Tunis—the largest city in Tunisia. Tunisia is one of the most enjoyable and spectacular places for the masses. The country combines golden beaches, climate, and history into something that when you visit Tunisia, you can have the “all-round” experience—something that makes you want to go back again. Tunisia also offers lower cost vacation compared to other destinations. That is why tourism in Tunisia has boomed since the 1960s until now.

10 Best Party Locations in Tunisia (Tunis and nearby places)

For those who love partying, Tunisia offers several magnificent places to celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2020! We provide you the top New Year’s parties in well-known Tunisian hotels and restaurants.

  • Hotel Novotel Tunis
  • Majestic Hotel
  • Hotel Africa
  • Hotel Les Berges Du lac Concorde
  • Sheraton Tunis Hotel & Towers
  • Abou Nawas Tunis
  • Golden Tulip El Mechtel
  • Villa 78
  • Latina Cafe in Berges
  • The Saloon

7 Best Tourist Attractions in Tunisia (Tunis and nearby places)

Here are the top 7 tourist attractions you should visit during New Year’s eve in Tunisia.

  • Bardo National Museum
  • Great Mosque of Kairouan
  • Ez-Zituna Mosque
  • Sousse Archaeological Museum
  • Port El Kantaoui
  • Sousse Ribat and,
  • Carthage National Museum

Recommended Hotels to Stay during New Year’s Eve

We believe that you’re psyched to spend your new year’s eve moment in Tunisia. Here are some recommended hotels if you plan to spend a couple of nights in Tunisia.

  • Villa 78 in Tunis

Villa 78 will definitely rock your new year’s eve accompanied with full of music—powerful enough to channel your ‘inner Beyonce’! From reggaeton and Electro to R&B and hip hop, the talented DJs will carry your night to an unforgettable experience; not to mention the platters of delicious foods and fresh drinks to restore your energy.

  • Hotel Alhambra Thalasso in Hammamet

Traditional and Oriental themes can be seen in this hotel long before the new year’s celebration and during the celebration. They will feature various Tunisian artists to light up the celebration—Walid Ettounsi and Rochdi Olouene are two of the Tunisian’s favorites who annually present for new year’s celebration.

We recommend this place for the traditional feeling it has every new year, perfected with dancing performance and Tunisian music to bring more joy to your new year’s experience. If you bring your little ones and try to save them from loud music, there is a nursery for children just opposite the hotel. They have movies, mini discos, and clowns—just a great way to have your kids entertained while you have your moment.

  • Hotel Sunset Beach Bar in Djerba

This hotel is perfect for you if you want to enjoy a more exotic setting, with sunset setting in the evening and tropical platters. Hotel Sunset Beach Bar will be hosting one of the Tunisian’s favorites; Benjemy featured with DJ Nakata.

So, are you ready for your New Year’s eve 2020 in Tunisia?

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