Discover Ethiopia on New Year’s Eve 2020

Make your New Year’s Eve memorable by visiting Ethiopia, one of Africa’s hidden gems. As the home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this country offers a wide range of natural beauties and stunning religious sites. Their ancient cultures are fascinating while the people are friendly and curious about outside world. Addis Ababa is the capital city, commercial and cultural hub, with tall buildings appearing here and there. You can fly to Addis Ababa to start your discovery. As the fourth largest Capital City in Africa, many international airlines provide daily flights from and to Europe, United States, and Asia. For those who are conscious of budget, mind this: everything is cheap here. You can survive for weeks even with limited budget. 

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Things to Do:

  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 in Ethiopia by trolling along Addis Ababa’s streets is safe, especially if you know where to go. You can start from Meskel Square to Sidest Kilo to enjoy gorgeous architectural buildings. Africa Hall, Parliament Building, the National Museum, and the Trinity Orthodox Cathedral are among few examples. You can also visit Arat Kilo Avenue marked with a monument to commemorate Independence Day and Sidest Kilo Avenue marked by a statue commemorating the 39.000 residents of Addis Ababa killed by Italian troops. You can check an old town called Serategna Sefer near Arat Kilo during your stroll.
  • Best destination for New Year’s Eve is Habesha Restaurant. You can enjoy your Ethiopian food with traditional music and dancing. Habesha offered a nice ambiance with a unique hut décor. You can either place an order off the menu or choose their buffet selection. After you filled your belly, you can move to Club Illusion to enjoy more dancing, music, and drink until sunrise. Your New Year’s Eve Addis Ababa 2020 will not complete without a party with locals and other travelers and Illusion attracts just the right kind of crowd who are mostly on the dance floor. The illusion is located right next to the Ambassador Theatre, just down in the basement.
  • If you want to avoid the loud and crowd in the city, you can move to Harar City to discover Ethiopian wild beauty by feeding Hyenas. Some local men are brave enough to befriend the hyenas, and they can help you to get cozy with these wild beauties until they trust you enough to eat food directly from your hand. Or if you want something more challenging, feed them using your mouth. You’ll never forget this experience.
  • Most visited place in Ethiopia is Danakil Depression, located in the northern part of the Afar Triangle. Dubbed as the hottest place on Earth, yet this place looks like another planet or another dimension altogether. Make your new year extraordinary by peeking at their volcanoes, but be careful with its bubbling lava lakes. You can’t help but gasp when you see bright-colored hydrothermal fields, salted basins, and hot springs. Do not forget to book your tour before visiting Danakil Depression.
  • Lalibela is couldn’t be missed when you are visiting Ethiopia. As one of Ethiopia’s holiest cities, Lalibela is famous for its 11 Rock-Hewn Monolithic Churches built by King Lalibela back in the late 12th or early 13th century. This place is just breathtaking and deserved the title as World Heritage Site. After you finished your stroll around the site, do not forget to visit the weekly market to have a look into the local life and maybe some local weaving.


Best Hotel for New Year’s Eve in Ethiopia:

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