Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2020 in Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a beautiful city with full of historical heritage scenery and one of the best destination for New Year’s Eve. Madrid is also well known in all over the world for its big parties, nightlife, bars, and clubs. And when it comes to New Year’s Eve party, you can get all the best from Madrid. Multiple clubs, bars, restaurants, and pubs that suit almost everyone’s taste will be opened until wee hours. Music will never stop until it reaches the 1st of January. It sure will be an unforgettable moment if you celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 in Madrid!

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Puerta Del Sol

Before getting out for partying, people in Madrid used to have dinner together first. Most of the families will have traditional dishes such as seafood dishes (containing scallops, oyster, and shrimps), fish, and lamb. After dinner at home, they’ll all gather in the most visited place in Madrid when it comes to New Year’s Eve, the iconic Puerta Del Sol. People will gather in Puerta Del Sol from all over Spain, and the world, waiting for the new year’s bell to ring and counting down while eating 12 grapes that indicate fortune for the new year’s. And then fireworks will be all over the sky. For people who likes to spend the New Year’s Eve in Madrid in family style, you can choose to buy snacks and enjoying the night at the crowded Puerta Del Sol.

Tri Ciclo and La Tablas

You can also decide to spend the night at some of the best restaurants in Madrid such as Tri Ciclo, who will give you a taste of traditional menus such as pork belly and hake fish, and La Tablas, who include vegetarian dishes in its menu with reasonable price.

Madrid Market

But if you want to save money for the rest of your journey in Madrid, you can try to buy inexpensive ingredients in Madrid market, which mean, you cook your dinner yourself at the hotel. Is not that bad, though? You can buy pork or rabbit (which is not too expensive in the market) and complete it with current season fruits and vegetables, which will be cheaper. And then you can go out at night for your cava and 12 grapes without worries for the next day.

Hang Out in Famous Clubs

If you want to spend the night after the big events in Puerta Del Sol with dancing and clubbing, you don’t have to worry about going far. You can hang out in some famous clubs located near the Plaza Santa Ana such as Alemana, Moderna, Cerveceria, and Naturbier. Or maybe you can go to one of the most popular clubs in Madrid, the Kapital. In the Kapital, you’ll get five mixed drinks by just paying 50 euros. Kapital is a seven floor high clubs that include a house dance party room, a kissing room.

The Famous Chocolate Con Churros in Chocolateria San Gines

Before going back to the hotel and close your new year eve, don’t forget to involve in local tradition by treating yourself with a Chocolate Con Churros. You can buy the best one in Chocolateria San Gines.


As for the best hotel for new year eves in Madrid, there are many luxurious hotels that you can find near the Puerta Del Sol. The first one you should consider is Quatro Puerta Del Sol hotel. Quatro Puerta Del Sol Hotel is a 4-star hotel that will bring you all the top facilities. Located near the main event in Puerta Del Sol and other attraction in Madrid, this hotel will be perfect for your accommodation.

The second is the Gran Melia Fenix. A 5-star hotel that will give you the taste of classic, elegant hotel with amazing chandeliers, and a stained-glass dome. It is said that peoples like Bill Clinton and the Beatles love to stay here while in Madrid. It only takes 12 minutes by bus, and 23 minutes walking from the hotel to the Puerta Del Sol.

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