Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cape Town 2020

It’s obvious that most of the people want to create a great unforgettable moment for their New Year’s Eve. Some people will think of spending their New Year’s Eve in big cities like New York and Sydney. But as the times goes by, Cape Town in South Africa has become one of the best destination for New Year’s Eve and intend to give the very best for New Year’s Eve parties in year to come. Its mild weather condition that resembles summer will surely give an amazing experience for people who celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 in Cape Town.

Cape town is well known as a harbor city located in the far south of Africa continent. For years, people wonder where to spend New Year’s Eve in Africa. Now everybody knows that Cape Town has answered that question. People who came to Cape Town will be amazed by its beautiful panorama and beaches. For those who love to explore a new culture and visit nonmainstream destination, Cape Town will be a perfect place to try especially for welcoming the new year.

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 The Victoria and Albert Waterfront

As most other as other cities around the world, New Year’s Eve is usually held the main celebration event in one iconic place to wait for the first January to come. The Victoria and Albert Waterfront will be the center of the celebration of New Year’s Eve 2020 in Cape Town. With a clock tower on it, it will be a perfect place to make the countdown. As for the background of the plaza, people will see a beautiful scenery given by the gigantic Table Mountain. Some will prefer to take a walk wandering the harbor while waiting for the night event.

There will also be an amphitheater on the town that will provide your live entertainment for 7 hours until midnight. There will also be a beautiful fireworks launch when the countdown reaches midnight. A big promenade in front of the Victoria and Albert waterfront will be the place for everyone to gather, partying with a colorful carnival theme, and full music performers until daylight. Don’t be afraid of getting hungry while partying, there will be food trucks all over the place.

Of course, there are other places labeled as the most visited place in Cape town worth to try to spend the New Year’s Eve.

  1. Cape Quarter

Cape Quarter will be crowded and noisy as all the bars, clubs, and pubs around celebrate their New Year’s Eve. For those who love to spend their New Year’s Eve dancing and partying, Cape Quarter is the best place.


  1. Table Mountain peak

For those who wants to see fireworks from the height, can choose to hire a cable car and ride to the peak of Table Mountain. It sure will give people a lovely view of Cape Town in New Year’s Eve.

  1. Sea Point

Sea point will calmly celebrate the New Year’s Eve. Perfect for those who like to spend their New Year’s Eve peacefully with lovers and family. But the bars around will still give you a great New Year’s Eve party if you want to celebrate it wildly.


  1. Camps Bay

Another tranquil place where you can spend the New Year’s Eve. Having a mini night picnic while watching fireworks from the beach for free will be a great way to spend the night.


As for the best hotel for New Year’s Eve in Cape Town, you can choose a luxurious hotel like Radisson Blu Waterfront which is close to the main event in Victoria and Albert Waterfront. This hotel also has five star facilities such as pool, fitness center, and spa. People will also be amazed by the panorama of the hotel with the Atlantic Ocean in the front and the Table Mountain on the side

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