Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cairo 2020

Maybe people are asking themselves a question, “Where should I celebrate New Year’s Eve in Muslim countries?”. They probably think that celebrating New Year’s Eve in Muslim countries is not an option at all. Moslem has their calendar and new year. So, of course, it will be different from the normal new year that most of the people celebrate. But the thing is, forget about the orthodox mindset. There’s no point of arguing if you don’t try it yourself. Because in Cairo, Egypt, you will get an exciting New Year’s Eve experience like you never did before.

When it comes to Egypt, one thing that crosses our mind is the stunning Pyramid and all its history. But when it comes to Cairo, you can imagine a big metropolitan city like New York or Paris. Cairo is an old city located near the Nile delta, and it’s the largest city in Egypt and African Continent. Cairo is also not a fanatic Muslim city who don’t allow alcohol and some sorts. So, for those who’ll love to celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2020 in Cairo don’t have to worry about it.


Don’t be confused since there will be no party on the streets, no fireworks, and no crowd on the New Year’s Eve. But still, you can celebrate in the most visited place in Cairo, the public gardens of the Sakkara and Mariottia pyramid. Here will be held some events with performers, bars are all opened, and many kinds of other entertainment with a worthy price. This place is frequently used to held Christmas day and New Year’s Eve celebration.

For those who wants to spend their New Year’s Eve partying until wee hours, the city will give you an oriental sensation of partying that you will only get here in Cairo. Special oriental culinary like curry and lamb accompanied by belly dancers’ performance will surely make your New Year’s Eve perfect. Almost all the club is located near the Nile river. Here are some clubs that will hold a New Year’s Eve party in 2020

  1. Loft21
  2. CJC
  3. Soiree
  4. Riverside
  5. Disconnect
  6. Grafitti
  7. Pub 55
  8. Club Bamboo
  9. Otium
  10. And much more

Shababeek Cultural Centre

However, spending new years in Cairo in a tranquil way is the best way. There are many things you can do apart of partying in the center of the city. You can go to the Shababeek Cultural Centre. They usually held a live music concert with all sorts of genre.

Hurghada, Sharm, and Dahab

Maybe you prefer spending the New Year’s Eve outside the city. Choosing a resort that arranges a countdown party will be a good option. Some resort like Hurghada, Sharm, and Dahab will be the best destination for New Year’s Eve. It is because those three usually prepared a countdown party for their guest.

Wadi Degla Desert

Or you can set a camp at the beautiful Wadi Degla Desert with friends and family. Having a private party while waiting the sun to rise with family and lovers is always a great way to spend the New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve Party in a Cruise

Another way to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Cairo is to celebrate it on a cruise. There will be many agents that will offer you a holiday package abroad the cruise. They’ll also hold countdown dinner party with champagne that will provide the guest a romantic New Year’s Eve experience.

As for the best hotel for New Year’s Eve in Cairo, the Ramses Hilton hotel is one of the best you can get. With a five-star facility, such as pool, fitness center, jacuzzi, and casino, this hotel can be your first choice spending the journey in Cairo. Or maybe you want to try the Intercontinental City Star Cairo hotel which with its pharaonic design, will surely make you feel the real old Egypt sensation

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