Where To Celebrate New Years Eve 2019 in New York City?

When you hear the words of New York City, first thing comes up on your mind must bethe grandiose party. No wonder if in New Year’s Eve, you can find so much party in every corner of the city. Each venue offers their specialist. If Miami shows you the huge Orange Ball in the countdown, NYC will crack the midnight with its special huge Colorful Ball drop. Here are best destinations (from the festive and lively to elegant and romantic one) for New Years Eve 2019 celebration in New York City.

Times Square


This is the most attractive and popular venue for tourists in the United States. Not only fireworks show, but you can also watch the world-famous ball drop event. All-year-long, this event has been attended and watched over a billion people from all people worldwide.

Statue of Liberty


Being the second most popular after Times Square to celebrate New Year’s Eve, this place will get busy to ring in 2017. If you want to experience seeing the statue and fireworks in a more stunning way, you can book your ticket on a cruise provided nearby.

Cipriani Restaurant (42nd St, Times Square)


This is the best place to celebrate New Years Eve 2019 in a very elegant way at an incredibly luxurious venue with the best food list and stunning decor. You can enjoy the all-night-long party in the overwhelming dance floor in the Grand Ballroom or go to other venues in this restaurant then you will be served in a noble way.

Madame Tussaud (42nd St, Times Square)


This might be a rare but awesome idea to have a party in a museum. Having a party in an exclusive iconic landmark and hall of fame destination will bang your night even more outstanding. Plus, it is perfect for all ages who want to pose with the ‘stars’ or enjoy the live DJ performance.

Party aboard the Lucille Yacht (Skyport Marina FDR Drive & 23rd St.)


There’s nothing better than watching the fireworks display from a sophisticated yacht and experience a family friendly party aboard the Lucille Yacht. You will get an experience to sail around Manhattan to catch the best view of fireworks sparkling on the skyline from the best spot.

Attic Rooftop (West 48th St.)


This is the exact venue for you who want an exclusive and intimate way with the spectacular panoramic views of the New York City Skyline just wherever you give your sight. You just need to sit back to get an impressive French Martini while the firework is spreading its light across the skyline. Either way, the DJ performance will shake you right under the stars.

Please take a note that the ticket price for the parties will significantly increase (100%+) if you register closer to the day of New Year’s Eve. Plus, some tickets will be sold out in advance due to the overwhelming line. Make sure you always check the ticket availability from couples of days or weeks before. Here are some best4 and 5-star hotels you can choose for New Year’s Eve in New York City.


The Chatwal

You will get a full package of happiness since this 5-star hotel is very close to some party venues mentioned above. 0,3 miles away to Times Square, 0,3 miles to Madame Tussaud, and 0,4 miles to Attic Rooftop.

The Ritz-Carlton New York (Battery Park)

This is the closest hotel from the Statue of Liberty. You can share your glance to the Liberty all the time from your room’s window. The waterfront view, of course, will refresh your mind every time you look at your window as well as the undoubted service and facilities provided in this sophisticated 5-star hotel. These all are such a perfect combination to make your New Year even more amazing.

Grand Hyatt New York (42nd St, Times Square)

After you enjoy the luxury sensation of Cipriani Restaurant, you don’t need to get more beat since you have your only-131-ft-away-4-star hotel from the restaurant. Plus, the magnificent facilities and services are going to crack your holiday.

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