6 Romantic Things To Do in Morocco

Morocco is an old city with tremendous romantic places. With the history, it’s not surprising if Morocco becomes one of the best countries for couples to visit. However, what is romantic things to do in Morocco with your lovely soul mate? Let us give you some recommendations.

  1. Strolling The Old City Marrakech
Marrakesh-city morocco
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Marrakech is the second important country in Marocco. It has been the capital of the country since the 16th century. Years ago, UNESCO has decided Marrakech as one of the best world heritage site. It’s because of the old buildings and sites in it.

If you go to Morocco with your beloved one, don’t forget to come to this place. You could enjoy the beauty yet classical buildings everyone you stroll on the country. Alongside with it, you could also enjoy Morocco cuisines on the traditional markets, which you could find in almost everywhere.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Morocco

  1. Hiking on The Atlas Mountains
Atlas-Mountains morocco
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Want to have a beautiful yet memorable journey with your spouse? Just go a hike on the Atlas Mountains, the one and unique hills on Morocco. It would be a very hot journey, though. But it would be very worth a visit if you come by the winter. The circumstance of the mountains is extremely awesome. With 2000 kilometers length of rocky and sandy lands.

The Atlas Mountains are one of the most attractive places for tourists so far. However, if you want to go here, don’t forget to prepare for additional water supply. Especially if you come to this place by the summer.

  1. Take A River Tour on Essaouira
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Who doesn’t know Essaouira? Aside from strolling Marrakech, taking a river tour on Essaouira is one of the most romantic things to do in Morocco. Just imagine you and your spouse take a beautiful boat, floating on the clean long river, and so many romantic things during the journey.

Besides taking a journey on the river, you could also enjoy the beach. All beaches at Essaouira are being known to have windy weather. It has a big contrast with the rest of the African weather condition.

  1. Have A Dinner on The Port Town Tangier
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Having dinner on Tangier is one of the romantic things to do in Morocco. Tangier is popular as the best port town in Morocco. It’s on the Strait of Gibraltar, only 27 kilometers far from Spain. When you come to this place, don’t be surprised by the uniqueness of the buildings. Since all buildings on Tangier is built on top of the limestone soil.

Despite it’s located on the edge of the sea, Tangier has a very green environment. You could find many trees and plants on the side of the way.

  1. Take Many Memorable Moments on Chefchaouen
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Chefchaouen is the most beautiful city in Morocco. You’ll be very disappointed if coming to Morocco but leave this one. All the buildings and bridges that fulfilled with blue would make you miss this city a lot. Aside from it, Chefchaouen also has many local restaurants ready to serve traditional foods and drinks. Moreover, it’s very cheap to take a stroll here! Have many memorable moments with your spouse here is absolutely one of the romantic things to do in Morocco.

  1. Take A Nightlife Journey on Casablanca
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Last but still important, you and your loved one better don’t miss a nightlife on Casablanca. When Chefchaouen is known as the most beautiful city in Morocco, Casablanca is the most modern city. You could find many modern markets here. But still, there are also many ancient buildings in the city. When you come to this place, especially at night, you could see the beauty of modern and ancient combination. Seeing the glimmering lights of Casablanca at night is one of the romantic things to do in Morocco.

That’s all the romantic things to do in Morocco with your lovely ones. If you plan to attend this country, don’t forget to bring your spouse also. I’m sure he/she would be very glad if you come here together as a couple.

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