20 Cities With The Best Night Life In The World You Wish To Visit

Since Edison succeeded his experiment with lamp, human society extended their activity into night. This is that the sun’s duty shift is no longer our limit to be active. Not to mention, the contrast of the blinking lamps against the dark canvas turned the night become stunning. Thus, some cities even turned as the best night life in the world that you wish to visit. Here they are:

  1. London, England
london nightlife
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Ever since centuries ago, London societies were known as party goers, far before Edison announced his invention. Thus, when talking about the best night life in the world, we have to put this city in the first of the list. Especially, when the peerage hierarchy system still valid in this kingdom and the upper classes always tried to find reasons for parties.

After decades, the night life in London is still continuing. But different with what happened back in the days, now people turned to clubs and theaters. Even, Londoners tried to make a do with the limited spaces by opening rooftop bars!

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
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The picturesque city still has the conservative look from every corner. But don’t get this blindside you, because the Scandinavian know how to get hyped for when night comes. Thus, we can’t leave out this city as another option of the best night life in the world.

Even though enjoy the night life here, you have to move and explore for bars and electronic music through the city. Not to mention, the bars usually located close to one another. Thus, you can hit the more than one bar in one go.

  1. Las Vegas, USA
mandala bay nightlife in las vegas
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Another city that often became night life gateway is Las Vegas. You can do anything in this city at anytime, from get wasting in the club or even elope and tie the knot. But for sure, the main attraction from Vegas is the casinos where you can blow your money away with abandon.

There are many examples that people come to Vegas in searching for fortune but out in broke. This is that the temptation of the tables, roulette machines, and the likes are hard to refuse. But if you don’t wish to get close with the gambling circle, you can also try to hit the city for the performances.

  1. Berlin, German
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It is famous in Berlin that you don’t have to get afraid invading a club in casual getup. Because the people have open minded attitude and embrace any culture. But if you don’t feel confident, then you can dress up every night.

The diversity dubbed Berlin as one of the cities with the best night life in the world. Not to mention, many clubs in Berlin are under themes. Thus, you can search which one that close to preference before hit there.

  1. Montreal, Canada
credit : mtl.org

When mentioning the best night life in the world, we can’t exclude Montreal from the list. This is that although most people pick Toronto, the natives knew that Montreal still offers the best night life. The main attractions of this city are clubs with good music and restaurants with the best food.

But, most places don’t locate in the same area. Thus, make sure to draw plan to make sure that you get the best experience in there. Or you can hire a local guide to plan for your night gateway in this North America city.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic
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Prague’s beautiful scenery chart drastically increased when night comes. The reason is that the twinkling lights illuminate the whole city. Not to mention, just like the most city in Eastern Europe, the old houses and building preserved and well kept.

Also, you can’t leave out the main attraction of the Prague youngsters these days. And you will get it wrong if you mention underground club. This is that in Prague they turned abandoned warehouses and old factories as hangout place. Not to mention, if you’re into rock, then you will find your place here.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand
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The Asian also know how to life when the night come. We have Bangkok as a proof for the best night life in the world. The capital city of Thailand offers night life experience in the midst of salient culture. Thus, you can find night entertainments in between the shrines and statues.

In short, Bangkok offers many things for everyone through the night. You can find anything here, from the retail vendors until street foods. Not to mention, the tropical ambience of the country make you can experience the summer night, even in the death winter.

  1. New York City, USA


The city that never sleeps is the famous saying that often we heard to explain about New York. This city state offers the best night life in the world that you can find. Just mention it, and you can find what you need within this state limit at anytime in the whole year.

From parties, indie concerts, clubs, various music performances, and even opera are available for your night life experience. Not to mention, you don’t need to worry about getting back to hotel. Because the distinguished yellow cabs are ready to take you back to your hotel.

  1. Ibiza, Spain
credit : ibiza-spotlight.de

You are not a party hound through and through if you have not experience the night life in Ibiza. Because you can find any party at anytime from dawn until dawn – we are talking about 24 hours here. Not to mention, those parties turn wilder once the light switched from sun to lamp.

Also, these parties are not club per club parties, but the larger scale ones. Just choose what kind of party you want, when, and where, because this city has all of them for you. Thus, when you are in Ibiza, sleeping is overrated.

  1. Barcelona, Spain
credit : cntraveller.com

Still from Spain, the Matador Land offers another city to experience the best night life in the world. For the soccer mania, Barcelona is one of the holy lands in their wish list. Thus, if you happened to have opportunity to come here, you have to optimize your time, including experience the night life.

What make difference from this city compared to others is the fun doesn’t begin before midnight. Because for the locals the worthiest part of Barcelona is when the clock strikes 1 AM. Also, and insider tip, most of top clubs in this city located in the northern part.

  1. Sao Paulo, Brazil
credit : cnn.com

The best night life in the world offer that came from the South America is in Sao Paulo. Although most people prefer Rio de Janeiro, which is more glamorous, but Sao Paulo holds secrets that most people failed to witness. The night life in this city is more in hush-hush mode than the others mentioned.

But once you discover behind the concrete, the night life in this part of Brazil is worth. The intensity and diversity that Sao Paulo offers will give you great experience. Thus, make time to come here when you come to Brazil.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina
credit : travelandleisure.com

Still from the southern America continent, Buenos Aires also offer for the best night life you can imagine. Also, what this city offers doesn’t stop when dawn, but continue still even if the sun rose high. Thus, it is common to eat dinner late at night and get wild until morning.

Some people even still have energy to follow up with after party when normal society is starting get ready for the day. Not to mention, this condition not only happen in the weekends, but also in the weekdays.

  1. New Orleans, USA
new orleans bars
credit : theinfatuation.com

New Orleans secured one place in this list as another city for the best night life in the world. Although mostly known for its Bourbon Street, the night life charm doesn’t stop in the rows of bars.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
credit : rioallaccess.com

We mentioned this city above, thus it will be unfair to leave Rio de Janeiro from this list. Because this capital city also offers for the best night life in the world experience you can get. Another bonus, the city is a sight to see.

You can dance through the city with abandon until sunrise with no one will judge. Even if you enter the grungiest bar you can find in the city, there is no one that will stop you. Not to mention, usually that kind of place holds the best party.

  1. St. Petersburg, Russia
credit : visit.spb.ru

Another night life experience that worth your time is St. Petersburg. This Russian city still preserved the classic look from the past. But behind the oldies you can find any fun night activities you can imagine. Yes, St. Petersburg is another city that doesn’t get acquaintance with sleep.

It easy finds cold vodka and the best club for dance all night in St. Petersburg. Also, the locals even classified that going to club is a form of art. Thus, if you are a night owl, then this city can be a perfect place for you to come.

  1. Beirut, Lebanon
credit : lonelyplanet.com

Beirut became the next place you can experience the best night life in the world. This capital city of is home for more than 1 millions Lebanon population. But it only estimated population within the city limit. If we include the metropolitan area, then we will have more than 2 millions.

Became the capital city, it was no shock that Beirut primed with best city planning. The city even dubbed as the Paris from the east. Moreover, with the city lies in the Mediterranean shoreline, it will be easy to find a beach to party all night.

  1. Tokyo, Japan
credit : allabout-japan.com

Tokyo became another Asian city for you to get the best night life in the world experience. The capital city of Japan has colorful night. Not only because of the neon lamps keep blazing, but because the places are still open all night long.

From sake bomb or whiskey party, you can get all of them in Tokyo. Not to mention, the karaoke tradition started from this country. Another switch, you can witness the cultural events to fill your night schedule in Tokyo.

  1. Belgrade, Serbia
credit : poshbelgrade.com

If you wish for a wild night life experience, then you have to come to Belgrade. As the capital and largest city in Serbia, Belgrade offers numerous places to spend your night. Because there are many clubs and pubs that never close and open for 24 hours.

Not to mention, Belgrade also hosts for various annual international events. From the film festivals, music festival, theatre festival, book fair, summer festival, and even beer fest. If you want different experience, try to match your visit around these festivals time.

  1. Seoul, South Korea
credit : timeout.com

This list will not be complete without Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Aside from the invention of K-Pop wave around the world, it is worth to take a second look into this city. This is that Seoul meets all the categories of the best night life in the world. One of the reasons is that you can order snack and food delivery services 24/7 – even in the national holiday.

Yes, you read it right. You can order food in the middle in the night and ask to deliver it. Not only that, but when the summer comes, the night life turns for the best. Because, even traditional market stayed open and people come out for enjoying the outdoor after the sun stop blazing.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherland
credit : timeout.com

There is no way the list will complete without mentioning Amsterdam, and the Netherland city renowned as the best night life in the world. Although mostly famous because of the Red Light District, getting adult experience is not always become the end of your journey.

The bars and clubs are open for 24 hours nonstop. Thus, you have plenty time for a good time and dance the night away when you are in the city. Not to mention, the well kept old look in Amsterdam is picturesque scenery that hard to find anywhere else.

Experiencing the best night life in the world in the mentioned cities above can give you unforgettable insight. The problem from the list is laying for the ones with normal biological clocks. Because night life means the fun only begins when the sky turned dark. Thus, for you who can stay up till morning, have a fun night!

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