10 Best Things To Do in Morocco You Should Never Leave Out

Visiting Morocco would make you feel like in the setting of the famous one thousand and one-night tale, or close. Although this country located in the north of Africa, the Arabian vibe in every corner is thick and mixed up with European and African tradition. That’s why this country is a world-famous destination you should put in your list. For that reason, here below a list of the 10 best things to do in Morocco:

  1. Casablanca City Tour
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Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and a famous tourist destination which always include in 10 best things to do in Morocco. Aside from the cultural heritage in the city, there’s also the Hassan II Mosque. The waterfront mosque became the city’s landmark since 1993, the year of this modern architecture building completed. Moreover, the non-Muslim visitors could enter the building outside of the prayer time to watch the interior.

The Quartier Habous is not as crowded as other neighbourhoods with its market in Morocco. Although it’s considerably safe, you still need to watch for your belonging. There’s also the medina for the ancient Casablanca experience.

  1. Explore Fez
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Aside from Casablanca, the tourists that visit Morocco never shun away from Fez. Because of the famous leather products that mostly produced traditionally. Not only that, but the old medina of Fez also holds many charms that draw visitors. Mostly, people want to see traditional crafts. But with every corner of the city donned beautifully with a trace of tradition, it doesn’t need much for you to agree that coming here is the right choice.

6 Romantic thins to do in morocco

  1. Promenade at Chefchaouen
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The town of Chefchaouen held long history as the safe place for Muslim and Jews refugee back in Spanish Reconquest, then for Jews at the Nazi era. It located more or less 60 kilometres from Tangier, and at a glance looked like how the ancient city built in the film. Many called Chefchaouen as the blue village since the whole place painted in every shade of blue. If you put strolling at Chefchaouen in your list of the 10 best things to do in Morocco, then you should ready for a long walk. Because of the paths consisted of thousands of stairs.

  1. Visit Marrakech
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Never forget to write ‘visit Marrakech’ in the list of the 10 best things to do in Morocco. Because this ancient city hides many attractions, and you couldn’t finish your tour in a day. Arguably, Marrakech is the most famous city destination in this country. The reason is that this city balances the traditional and modern in the same portion. Not to mention, there a vast range of attraction from Bahia Palace, El Badi Palace, traditional souks, until the exotic of Majorelle Gardens.

  1. Get Lost at Souks
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You couldn’t say you completed your Morocco journey without getting lost at souks. It surely an exaggeration, but you do have to visit the traditional souks and give a try for your bargaining skill. And also, it’s rather easy to find souks, since it scattered almost in every city in Morocco. From Casablanca, Fez, and especially Marrakech and mostly the offered goods are traditional crafts.

  1. Experience the Local Steam Bath
Local Steam Bath
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Just like Japan with the onsen and Korea with its public bathhouse, Morocco also has something common called hammam. It’s a public steam bath place, which back in the day facilitated the lower class, while the upper class has the luxury of a private bath. Although the hammam opened today is way better than the old days.

With the reason above, you can write ‘visit hammam’ as one of the 10 best things to do in Morocco. Not to mention, the experience could make you relax after a day stroll at souks. Also, the experience would give a great cleansing and exfoliation for your skin. And if you don’t feel right to bath with strangers, you could try the private hammam ones.

  1. Spend the Night at the Sahara Desert
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You’re this close from the largest spread of sands, so try to stay overnight at the Sahara Desert. To do that, you could depart from Merzouga and book camel safari or 4×4 tour. That way, you could spend the night in the middle of nowhere. Don’t be afraid because usually, this kind of tour would offer you to stay at the traditional Bedouin Village. Thus, you could also use the chance to experience the ancient way of living.

  1. Skiing at Oukaïmeden

Mostly, people have the prejudice that every African country would never have snow. But actually, some of them located at the subtropical zone. Thus, it snows every winter – around December to January. And Morocco included in this subtropical zone and graced the higher ground with the white cover. For that, the slopes near the Mt. Jebel Attar are famous for skiing. Although it’s not as good as in Europe or the US, the experience itself should worth for a place in the list of the 10 best thing to do in Morocco.

  1. Stay at the Riad
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Riad is the traditional house of Morocco. The architectural design character from this traditional house is an open courtyard at the center, while the other rooms built surround the yard. Mostly, the mosaic pattern and arches graced the riad house. These traditional houses mostly located at Marrakech and Fez and converted as hotels. Although these hotels maintained the old looks of the riads, the modern added for more convenience.

  1. Trek the Mt. Atlas
mr atlas
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The Atlas Mountains lie across Morocco until Tunisia, where the Jebel Toubkal as the highest peak at Africa located. If you wish one of the 10 best things to do in Morocco is trekking this mountain, then you should start from Marrakesh. The reason is that most of the trek started only one hour drive from the city, at Imlil Village. And not only the beauty of panoramic from the higher ground, but you also could witness the beauty of Ouzoud Waterfall.

One thing you could consider while planning for the 10 best thing to do in Morocco is to plan your visit around the time for one the local festival. The reason is that you will get the most experience by the local festivals. Not to mention, Morocco has many cultural events and festivals. That way, you can plan for any time in the whole year to enjoy the local culture.

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