10 Best Things To Do in Greece For a New Traveller

Travelling is never enough if only did once. People want to go around the world to know how beautiful the earth is. Greece which is located in Europe has it’s own interesting and unique place to visit. Here are 10 things to do in Greece. This list is friendly and relatively easy to do by a new traveller.

  1. Explore Historic Place

Greece is full of ancient places. Here tourists can visit some historical place which is full of ancient buildings and architecture. The colour and building style is so unique and really pretty. Tourist can start the ancient journey by visiting Acropolis. Here is where the Athena statue located. Then, there are still many places that have the same interesting ancient buildings and things to see. They are located in Corinth and Phaestos. Corinth offers a new experience of seeing ancient things. This city is a great combination of Greece in the past and present.

  1. Catch The Sunset

The next things to do is relaxing while sunset. In Santorini, tourist can get the best view of the sunset. They can enjoy the view up on the hill. Tourist can see the colourful top of buildings with an endless sea. The sun will set above the sea, then you can get the artistic view which can’t find anywhere.

  1. Eat Some Local Food

Greece also has a good taste of food. Their tourist can find a lot of cafes, restaurant, and some street food. If you like a party, going to Psarou Beach is great too. Besides relaxing and sunbathing this beach offers nightlife. There, you can chill out and eat some food from the cafe and restaurant.

Try to eat some traditional food too. They are moussaka, tzatziki, gyros, greek salad, and anything else. If you are big fans of cheese, don’t forget to order saganaki. Actually, Saganaki is the name of the cooking tools that use to cook the cheese. It serves an awesome cheesy dish that cant denies by cheese lovers.

Tourist can find this kind of local food anywhere at an affordable price. But has a great and unique taste. Especially if this is the first time travel to Greece. This culinary must include 10 best things to do in Greece.

  1. Goes To The Cave

One thing that you can do while in Greece is going to the cave. Greece also has a beautiful cave. For example Melissani. This cave has a river inside and tourist can see beautiful sunshine from a big hole.

The next cave is Blue Grotto. This cave has blue water and an incredible view. Better to visit this cave in the morning because the water view will look more pretty. Going to the cave is one of an incredible thing because you can enjoy the beauty of Greece differently. It will feel like going deeper into ancient Greece.

  1. Goes To Museum

Another 10 best things to do in Greece is learning history at the museum. In this country, the museum becomes a great place to see many things. For example, the Acropolis Museum is located near the ancient Athena Statue in Acropolis. This museum saves more than a hundred artefact from around Acropolis.

In addition, there is more museum that spread around Greece. They are located in Delphi, Rhodes, and soon. Every museum offers its unique collection. Which consist of archaeological collection and some statue.

  1. Shopping at Market

The next 10 best things to do in Greece is shopping. This may be a favourite activity for a woman. They can go to the flea market and buy some gift for the family at home.

First, there is the Athens Central Market which called Varvakeios. Here, tourist can find some fruit, seafood, vegetables, and many interesting things. Then to have a real antique shopping, go to the antique market at Avissynias Square. There you can find old records, ceramics, and many antique things.

The price is not too expensive if you can choose and compare carefully between one and another seller. Walk around first to see what’s interest. Then choose one and compare it to another seller to have the best price.

  1. Do Architecture Tour

Greece has a very unique architecture. There are ancient buildings in Athens, Delta, and another place which has parted style. Then in Santorini tourist can see houses with a dome above it.

Greece has a various combination of architectural style. A tourist who loves to see buildings will so happy to see the uniqueness of Greece buildings. Here, tourist can see renaissance style buildings, modern and ancient Greece building itself.

  1. Goes to Lake Plastira

Besides going to the beach, in this beautiful place you can find a lake. It called Lake Plastira. This lake is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains. This lake was build in the early 60s. In here, tourist can take a walk and ride the paddle boat. It better to visit during weekdays, because at the weekend this place will be so crowded.

  1. Relaxing At The Beach

The next things to do in Greece is going to the beach. Tourist can sunbathe at Psarou beach. Or going to Sarakiniko which has a rocky beach. This is unique because instead of relaxing in the beach’s sand, tourist can climb the rock and get a photo with an unusual background.

To enjoy more time at the beach, there are so many hotels with affordable price. Enjoy the windy and warm weather. And sleeping while hearing the sound of the waves. This is really nice things that include to 10 best thing to do in Greece.

  1. Climbing Olympus

The last, 10 best thing to do in Greece is climbing the mountain. Olympus always related to Greek mythological stories. According to legend, there was the house of the gods. This mountain is above 2000 meters. Tourists can visit and even climb this mountain with a tour guide. Need some preparation before climbing. Tourist needs to bring some tool to climb the mountain. For example mountain bags, mountain shoes, medicine, and food.

Those 10 best things to do in Greece can be a little clue to what you can do there. Greece offers high experience and various things to explore. To have this.

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